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Edition No.1: The Turkish Tabletop Spice Kit
Edition No.1: The Turkish Tabletop Spice Kit Edition No.1: The Turkish Tabletop Spice Kit Edition No.1: The Turkish Tabletop Spice Kit Edition No.1: The Turkish Tabletop Spice Kit

Included in each kit:

• A curious curation of three individually packed spices from Turkey: Cured Sumac, Black Urfa Chili, and Silk Chili*

• Our favorite recipes, plus inspiration and information on each spice

• 2 Sir Kensington's Classic Mayo Packets

*That’s about 0.50 oz or 4 - 12 servings of each spice, depending on how liberally you spice your dishes



Each Kit Includes

For our inaugural, limited edition Sir Kensington’s Spice Kit, we celebrate the flavorful and unique geography of Turkey. Situated between three continents, Turkey dominated the spice trade for nearly 600 years, turning it into a cross-pollinating epicenter for blending cuisines. Each spice is sourced directly from southeastern Turkey in the towns of Sanliurfa, Kahramanmaras, and Gaziantep. Pinch, sprinkle, and dash.

The spices

Cured Sumac

Our dignified sumac is cured with salt in the city of Gaziantep, Turkey. This artisanal process gives it a balanced salty and sour flavor. We like to add this berry (yes, sumac is a berry) to nearly any dish from salads to sunny side sumac’d eggs.

Black Urfa Chili

In the ancient town of Sanliurfa, farmers have been producing black urfa chili for hundreds of years. They have mastered a process that draws out complex flavors hidden in this pepper, specifically hints of chocolate and raisin. We recommend carrying this in your pocket to elevate your work lunches or dinner parties that require a little BYOS (bring your own spice).


While we like to consider ourselves expert condimenteers, we like to give credit where credit is due. Is the silk chili a spice or a condiment? We say both. This spice is found on tabletops in most kebab joints across Turkey. With its warm, medium heat flavor, we find it is endlessly versatile. We tip our hats to the town of Kahramanmaras who brings you this excellent condiment that can replace your red pepper flakes.


We’re on a quest to bring you the spices we’re most excited about in a way that represents a step forward in the 5,000 year old spice trade. The term single origin lets you know where exactly your spices are coming from. For this kit, our spices are sourced from our friends at Burlap & Barrel who partner with artisanal farmers to support their financial security and champion their deep expertise in high-quality spices. This translates to a more equitable supply chain and better taste on your plate.

About Sir Kensington's Spice Kits

Look out for upcoming limited edition kits. Each kit will include a new set of single-origin spices and inspiration on how to use them. We believe that food is the greatest human connector and that spices offer us lessons in the superpowers of food. We look forward to future journeys with you. 

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